How long should my bathtub last after reglazing? 

- With proper care and cleaning your bathtub can easily last for another 10-15 years

How do I take care of bathtub? 

- Avoid abrasive cleaners such as steel wool, bleach or strong detergents

- Use mild detergents, soap, baking soda, vinegar mixed with water or non abrasive, bleach-free kitchen cleaners

- Avoid bath tub mats with suction cups

- Don’t leave the mat inside the tub after the shower

- If the water starts dripping, fix the leakage

How do I clean a reglazed bathtub? 

- Rinse the tub with warm water

- Apply the cleaner

- Leave the cleaner in place for 5 minutes

- Scrub without abrasives

- Rinse again

Can a reglazed tub be reglazed again?

- Yes you can reglaze the tub that has been reglazed before

How long does tub reglazing take?

- About 3 hours

When should the reglazing odors leave my house? 

- Refinishing fumes and odors will go within 2-3 hours after reglazing

Are Bathtub refinishing fumes dangerous? 

- Bathtub refinishing fumes are most certainly dangerous during the application process and immediate curing process

Do you guys offer me any warranty? 

- We are backing our job with 3 years of warranty

What’s the process? 

- Remove old paint if the tub is painted

- Remove old caulking

- Deep cleaning with solvents and scraping off the dirt, grease

- Sanding

- Treating rust if any

- Wash and dry

- Address cracks, holes, chips, scratches and stains. Fill and bond to make surface even

- Wash and dry

- Apply new caulking

- Cover the surroundings (walls, floors)

- Set up the exhaust fan to make the smell and fumes path to leave the house

- Apply the adhesive primary coat

- Apply no-skid coat per request

- Spray paint the tub with the paint, glazing, drying components and fume deodorizer

- Take the masking paper off

- Clean out the working area

- Wait for 24 to 36 hours before use